Saturday, January 4, 2014

One afternoon walk- by Adelaide

My enchanting vista!
Ketchikan is very wet, I did not know the meaning of wet until I had been through  winter here. The rain is usually accompanied by a fierce wind and it slant sideways so it is blowing in your face, a storm can last up to four days; so, we do not get out that much. South East Alaska gets about 20 feet of rain a year, where we used to live we only had about 15 inches, quite a difference. A few days ago there was a break in the rain and we decided we were going to go for a walk. We did not exactly know where we were going or what we were going to do, we just had to get out for some exercise.

While the others were getting ready I wanted to get some pictures from up high,
Seagulls in the sunshine.
since it was a beautiful day, I climbed up to the top of the mast; it has the most enchanting vista from there! I  got out my camera, I snapped a few shots. Then I heard Dad down on the deck calling, "Let's go!" I quickly put my camera away and climbed down as fast as I could. When I got to the first spreader I yelled to the others, "Wait for me!" I moved down the rest of ladder and jumped off the boat to run down the dock after everybody else! We walked down the dock towards the Plaza, snapping photos along the way.

Annika sketching
We soon found ourselves wandering along the breakwater, with seagulls and ravens flying around us, the sun gently peeping out from behind the clouded sky. There was a strong breeze snipping at our noses and ears, we laughed and scrambled along the tops of the boulders! Anna sat and drew by an old forgotten restaurant, sketching a town that had formed in her mind.
Elaine hunting treasure
Elaine was down and about the water's edge, looking for washed up treasures that might be found on rocks. She did find a car seat and some garbage. Dad had a camera set up and was taking pictures of the sunset
and birds that flew by.  I also had my little camera on, waiting for a bird to fly by into the sunset. Mom was trying to put on more layers to keep warm, which I can not understand as it was fairly warm. Caleb got restless and went on off to the Plaza to get a cookie at the bakery. Michael and Gabriel were throwing rocks in the water, seeing who could throw the farthest; Katie soon joined them. After awhile we started moving on. Mom suddenly saw a eagle perched up on top of a lamp post. Dad got out
The "Boys" throwing rocks.
his camera and took a picture, then saw a better spot so he moved and was just about to take the picture when the bird up and flew away! After it was gone we saw Caleb, his camera held up right below the lamp, I think he scared it away. Well, I guess we will try again another time. We went into the Plaza and walked upstairs to look at all the fifty percent off toys and clothes outside Silly Munchkins. When we finally left we went to see if the bus had come by or not so we could go up to the Library.
The eagle on it's perch.
That idea was ended when Mom bribed everyone: if we did not go to the Library we would go home and make Hot Chocolate! Mom won! I still wanted to go to the Library, so did Dad and he thought about going back to get the car. I knew by that time the sun would be down, so we went and got some milk instead. While Dad shopped Mom and I talked to our friend Lulu( a florist at Safeway), we checked out and then went home! We made a delicious pot of cocoa, we sat around the table drinking from a steaming mug, and talked. Well for me that was a perfect day, I had just hoped we would have another! And we have!!!.


  1. Keep up the journal...we love to hear the updates. Great pictures. Keep dry!

  2. Nice update, Addie. Quite the verbal sketch.