Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Doll dress-by Katie

Katie and Annika with doll dress.

Last week my mom and I made a  doll dress for my sister Annika as a surprise. My mom accidentally sewed the lace on the wrong side of the dress; but when I went to take out the stitches I ended up tearing the fabric. After my mom repaired the rip you couldn't even see it anymore;  but when my mom was sewing Annika saw the dress and ruined the surprise. I told Annika that she could still have the dress even if she saw it, so I gave her the dress but told her to never peek at another surprise.  The dress was blue with white and it had lace on the bottom I made the blue part from my older sister's old skirt and I used  gold thread to do the lines on the ribbons the ribbons go to the back so you could tie it off!

Just a funny shot.

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