Sunday, May 22, 2011

Up the Mast - by Adelaide

Thursday evening we put up all three sails. The foresail Caleb and I can put up by ourselves. Caleb ran some spray up the mizzen mast so that it would go up more easily, because it always gets stuck half way up. The main mast, which we have not put up before, the rope got stuck on some rungs, so I went up and untangled it. While I was up there mom took a picture of me.

Monday, May 16, 2011

In the Water - by Adelaide

The big day had arrived! We had breakfast in the boat and then we sat on the deck to waited for the workers with their truck to come. After it did we were in a rush to get down from the boat so they could put in the water. Annika and Katie were still asleep when the workers got there so I went and got them. We climbed down as fast we could. Eager to have them start, we watched them from the side of the loading dock. Mom took some pictures of them putting it in before we went over to where it was to dock. The harbor tug pushed us over to the dock, the tug is a motor boat that pushes boats around the marina. We where in a hurry to get on the boat.

Painting - by Adelaide

The day we started was sunny. The first thing we did was clear everything away from the boat. Then we all, except mom and the two little boys, started doing primer. Dad would grind places then we filled them in with paint behind him. After it dried we put black paint over it. Dad did the high parts while mom did the low parts and I followed with a paint brush to get the places they missed and places they could not get. Afterward while the others watched a movie. I had a Dr. Pepper after it was all done.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hauling - by Adelaide

The next day mom looked around at storage and where to put things. After she decide where they would go, she asked us to bring them up. First she wanted to clean the storage places before she put them away. Almost every day, mom said that we had to haul ten things up before we could go paddle boating or kayaking. Although sometimes we would try to do five things then go, hoping she would never find out. We would just tell her we wanted to haul more when we got back. It never worked, something always happened and she found out what we where trying to do.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Arriving - by Adelaide

Once we got here it was pretty busy on our boat. Haul up, haul down. The first things we hauled were blankets and pillows and to see about beds. That night was cold. Brrr! Our blankets fell off the beds, it made us colder.

The first neighbor we met was Pit from Australia. After that we met other new people like Mr. Dave. He let us play in his paddle boat. He also gave us popsicles on a hot day. Mr. Dave works at the marina, he builds docks and fixes the old ones that are drifting.