Monday, January 20, 2014

Making Almond Toffee By Annika

My first batch of Toffee!

On Sunday night my Mom said I could make a batch of candy. I pulled out my candy making book and I flipped through it to find a recipe. We had all the ingredients for almond toffee.

We began by reading the recipe out loud. Next we toasted almonds and while they were in the oven I started gathering the rest of the ingredients. When the almonds were done I chopped half of them into small pieces and put them aside. My brother Caleb asked if he could chop up the rest of the almonds while I read the recipe again, to make sure that I was following the directions.

The next step was to melt butter in the special pot that mom bought with her birthday money. When it melted
I added in the sugar, corn syrup, water and salt. Then I stirred it until the temperature was 240 degrees on the thermometer. I dumped one of the bowls of chopped nuts in. It cooled it way down and separated the butter from the sugar. I continued stirring but after awhile Mom said it was wrong because it wasn't suppose to still be separated. Mom read the beginning of the book to see what to do. We had to quickly put hot water in it and stir, it started to thicken again.

Now all we had to do was wait for the temperature to reach 295 degrees. When it came to the correct temperature I poured it on a cookie sheet to cool. After it was set enough I put chocolate chips on top to melt and then spread over. I took the other bowl of almonds and sprinkled half of them on the top of the chocolate. We do not have a refrigerator so I put it outside to harden. I even had to put a umbrella over it as it was sprinkling. While it was out there I was inside melting more chocolate chips for the other side of the toffee.

After making sure that it was hard, Mom flipped the toffee over so I could spread on the melted chocolate. I put it back out until everyone had finished dinner. My little brother Michael did not want to finish so it took forever until we could eat it. It was really good!

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