Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Swimming-by Adelaide

The first time we went to the dunes bible camp swimming pool, Anna was at  grandpa and grandma's for the week. Dad and mom went with us and we all were very excited . We took the 10:15 am bus, we got there at 11:15 am. The diving board was broken the first few weeks, so while it was getting repaired Caleb and I dived off the wall. We got rings we threw in, diving nine feet to the bottom. It was really fun! Once the diving board was back in we jumped off it all the time. The 10:15 am bus started getting tiring for Mom because Monday we all had to wait out side until it opened. So we changed it to 11:45 am. We did not have so much time in the pool (35 minutes instead of an hour) but we were able to go there more times a week.

Once Anna was back she was very excited about going. When we got there she was in the pool in no time at all. The boy's are still getting used to the water, Micheal likes it I think, Gabe I am not so sure about. I think my favorite thing to do is dive and get rings from the bottom. Today we are not going because we have a lot of work to do. Tomorrow I hope we go!

(written quite awhile ago but wanted to post anyway)