Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Trip So Far - by the Adelaide & Annika

The very morning we were going to leave for Alaska, we found out that a rope was tangled in the propeller! When Dad got his wet suit on and was in the water he also found that we were sitting on the bottom of the marina! So, between both of those we had a late start.

When we got onto the bar we went down the river a bit so we could put up the sails. When we were in ocean we were in full sail, the sea was about three to four feet. We all went out and played on the fore deck eating crackers and cheese. Dad let Adelaide go up the mast to the first spreader so that she could untangle the flags. Then it started to rain so we all went inside. The second day was more rough and Mama and Daddy decided that we should go in to Neah Bay for more fuel. Today we are heading back out. We will write more at next stop... 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Surprise from the Office - by Annika

Yesterday mom and dad said the office wanted to see us. We thought that it was  normal because we usually visit them. We were surprised when they pulled the presents from the bag (mom and dad knew about it the surprise). They were sweatshirts printed with Port of Ilwaco. Mine was pink and the other ones were  everyone's favorite color. We tried them on to see if they fit, then we took a picture. Michael was taking a nap back at the boat, so he wasn't there.