Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Last Frontier - by Adelaide

four seasons and the night

Spring chases winter away
   All the animals, “thank you”, they say
Everything starts to dry
  The birds return to lay their eggs and fly

In the summer the sun is warm
   The mosquitoes fly about in a swarm
The water & grass are deep and green
   The woods are beautiful and serene

In the fall the leaves turn orange and red
   All the animals get ready for bed
The flowers send their seeds to hide
   Safe from winter in a hillside

In winter it rains and such
   It really does not snow much
The water is crystal clear
   The cold hits you in gusts sharp with fear

When the moon shines bright
   It makes the sky pale gray in the night
Then suddenly appears a glow of green and white
   Brighter and brighter it becomes, it is known as the northern lights
I know this because I sleep on the deck of a boat
   With the moon,stars,and northern lights draped over me like a cloak

There are animals such as bears and deer
   This beautiful country covered in green and blue is known as the Last Frontier

Overlooking Tongass Narrows - by Adelaide

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Puddle Ducks of Bar Harbor - by Annika

The drake & his girls looking for food - by Caleb

My favorite animal is a duck. In the marina here there are three mallard ducks. There are two girls and a drake, we call them the puddle ducks. It is funny that the boy has two girls instead of one. I am wondering if they are going to have babies this year. The two girls have disappeared and we have only seen the one. Daddy thinks that they are nesting. If they are it is going to be fun watching them swimming and growing up.

A duck is my favorite animal because they are pretty and their ducklings are cute. Before we moved on the boat we had ducks, mine was a black one. Since we live on a boat I can't have one, instead my mom got me a giant stuffed mallard I use for a pillow, it is very comfortable